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Use impression data from your digital media campaigns

Enhance your customer data using your media impressions.

Combine data for insights, segmentation and activation

  • Understand your best segments: Determine optimal spending for customer acquisition by segment
  • Improve your media spend: Drive sales and ROAS lift by shifting media spending from low-value to high-value consumers
  • Autonomous audience planning engine: Reduce reliance on walled gardens for audience data and targeting
  • Instant insights; Measure the impact of media on customer lifetime value (CLTV)

We help CPG marketers build customer intelligence without going through expensive panels. Our set of identity-based solutions integrates the signals from your ongoing media campaigns into a centralized and privacy-safe analytics environment.

With an integrated view of media touchpoints, you can understand, enrich, segment and activate based on 500+ offline and online attributes.

Reach out to learn how we can partner to develop your identity-enhanced strategy.