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Episode 26, Part 2: Bridging the Generational Gap in Community Banking

Part Two: Live From TransUnion’s 2024 Financial Services Summit, Las Vegas

In part two of the 2024 FS Summit episode, TransUnion’s Sean Flynn sits down with Union Credit co-founder and CRO Barry Kirby to highlight some key challenges facing credit unions today.

Sean and Barry start by discussing the contradiction credit unions are running into as they balance growing their young member bases with needing more deposits due to liquidity constraints.

Barry shares the widening average age gap between credit union members (57) and US consumers (37), and describes why educating younger generations on the benefits of credit unions is critical for the health of the entire banking system.

Sean notes how Barry’s company helps community banks automate and scale in new ways, leading him to wonder what kind of fraud Barry is seeing these days and how credit unions are responding.

Finally, Barry looks back on 25 years as an entrepreneur in the community banking space to offer advice for those pursuing a similar path.

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