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Episode 9: How a Technology Revolution Could Impact Payment Providers

We’re thrilled to welcome guest Rahul Gupta to this month’s podcast! Having worked in financial tech, banking and payments spaces since the 90s, Rahul brings a wealth of information and insight to the table — and has many thoughts on what card lenders should expect in the coming decade.

In this episode, Craig asks Rahul how new developments in the payments space could impact card lenders — which leads to the group discussing whether Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS) might become an expansion of card wholesale for vertical-based lenders. Rahul alludes to a technology revolution in which all industries eventually offer embedded payments options — from ecommerce to healthcare to B2B. Then, Josh asks Rahul how technology stacks and services will change for financial institutions (FIs) over the next 5–10 years, and Rahul weighs in on questions around specialization regional banks and credit unions should be asking themselves.

Plus, Josh quizzes Rahul on California-related trivia, and Rahul offers advice to those still in the first half of their careers.

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