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Gain a more complete view of consumer behavior and credit history with trended credit data

Put Trended Credit and Alternative Data to Work for You

Harnessing the power of trended credit insights is easier with flexible delivery options, designed to support all stages of the account lifecycle and a variety of operating environments

Supporting both online and offline environments, trended data insights can incorporate into existing decision processes

From risk to marketing models, trended credit data can be delivered as predictive insights

Purpose-built scores, propensity models, attributes, algorithms, estimators and more, options abound for incorporating trended credit insights

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Improve Performance across the Customer Lifecycle

Understand consumer behavior over time to identify those more likely to qualify for your products and respond to offers.

  • Identify additional consumers who meet your risk criteria
  • Target prospects more likely to respond
  • Tailor offers to consumer based on anticipated need and behavior

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Use trended data for a more accurate risk score, incorporating how an individual has changed their credit usage and payment behaviors over time.

  • Better identify consumers who meet your risk levels
  • Improve decisioning on consumers near score cutoffs
  • Make more competitive and profitable pricing or decisions

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Access additional dimensions of consumer behavior over time to understand shifts or patterns and cross-sell the right products at the right time.

  • Diversify relationships with customers and offer relevant products
  • Manage credit line and account management strategies
  • Identify account issues early, including potential delinquency

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Use actual payment amount data to understand which consumers likely can't or won't be able to pay, and those that will potentially yield the highest recoveries.

  • Work accounts more efficiently and prioritize efforts
  • Increase effectiveness through improved roll-rate and recovery models

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Learn Why Lenders Know Trended Credit and Alternative Data is Critical for Growth

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