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Document Verification

Digitally authenticate official documents.

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Document Verification features

Here’s what you can do with Document Verification.

Securely and accurately validate consumer-provided identity documents against TransUnion’s trusted data sources, reducing the risk of identity fraud while offering a convenient, digital customer experience.

Get TruValidate Document Verification

Layer your approach to verification

Combine Document Verification with the power of TransUnion’s credit, non-credit and device data to confidently confirm consumer identities.

Enhance customer acquisition

Increase revenue, reduce abandonment and manual reviews, and offer customers a streamlined identity verification process within digital channels.

Achieve seamless, rapid integration

White-labeled, hosted pages remove operational challenges and fully integrate to your existing onboarding, fraud prevention and authentication workflows.

Count on market-leading facial recognition

Validate documents with the option to request consumer selfies, verified using liveness detection technology that prevents system manipulation.

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