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Identity Decisions

Make confident real-time identity decisions without inconveniencing good customers or adding back-office costs

Quickly say yes to good customers while being equipped to detect even the most sophisticated fraud

The investment many organizations are making in real-time fraud detection does help stop fraud. But that same approach can drive away many good customers and can result in back-office inefficiencies and costs. In addition, fraud is becoming more sophisticated, testing the limits of many detection systems. Our Identity Decisions solution is a powerful suite of verification and authentication services that brings together an unprecedented amount of data and analytics, combining insights on consumers and the devices they use in digital channels.

The result is a better ability to detect fraud while quickly approving the good customers and minimizing back-office reviews. Multiple layers of fraud detection doesn’t have to mean more reasons to say no. With an integrated approach, better insights into identity risks can result in higher approval rates and lowered expenses.


Identity Verification

Verify consumer identities and detect suspect patterns, links and behaviors using rich cross-industry data and powerful algorithms. Whether you need to comply with customer regulations or identify potential fraud risk, Identity Verification provides real-time insights into consumer identity risk.

Digital Verification

Digital Verification analyzes the device a consumer is using, the consumer’s digital identity, and how a consumer behaves on your web site. A combined view of this information and the consumer identity enables more confidence in making critical consumer decisions.

Identity Authentication

For regulatory or risk reasons, organizations may need stepped-up authentication capabilities. As an integrated component of Identity Decisions, one-time passcodes to verified phone numbers or questions based on consumer data deliver that extra layer of assurance. And with a dynamic approach allowing control over mode and complexity, you can strengthen controls for addressing fraud while not driving away good customers.

Product Highlights

First solution to integrate both consumer and device profiles into a single view of risk

Multiple modes of authentication and dynamic assignment helps improve pass rates for good customers

Cross-industry behavior and link analysis provides insights beyond traditional verification tools

Single platform for use across multiple channels

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