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Determine the likelihood of an eviction with our scoring model made specifically for the multi-family industry

What if you could protect your properties from risky applicants while finding the qualified residents other scoring models turn away?

With ResidentScore®, you can! Our proprietary scoring model behind TransUnion’s ResidentScreening is dedicated to the rental industry and based on data only TransUnion can provide.

Don’t turn away good applicants

Using the same traditional 350–850 credit score scale you’re accustomed to seeing, and built with actual rental outcome data from the industry, our comprehensive score identifies the characteristics of apartment residents most important to you. It predicts the likelihood of evictions and provides you with the insight you need to reduce risk and gain better residents.

Did you know there isn’t a single “credit score”? Even FICO® and VantageScore℠ have multiple versions. These recognizable scores are built to predict the likelihood of paying back a loan, while ResidentScore is built specifically to predict the likelihood of an eviction, equipping you with the insight you need.

See how much ResidentScore can save you!

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Total savings with ResidentScreening:

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On average, a property with 200 units experiences 40% turnover; 10% of which is due to evictions and skips

At $5,000 per unit turnover cost, total cost of eviction and skip turnover is $40,000

With up to 7% reduction in evictions and skips using TransUnion’s ResidentScore, you could save $2,800 on one property alone!

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