Multi-family credit, criminal and eviction screening in 60 seconds for more residents, clear decisions and complete confidence.

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60-second screening to get more residents while reducing risk

More residents

TransUnion’s ResidentScreening uses our unique ResidentScore, developed specifically for the multi-family industry and refreshed frequently, to provide superior predictability in a single model – regardless of property type. This remarkable service finds the hidden gems by decreasing your “undecisionable” applicant pool. The result: Accept more qualified applicants without losing occupancy.  All accomplished within 60 seconds!


Clear decisions

The insights you get from ResidentScreening give you a clear recommendation—no matter how you use us.

  • It’s simple–we give you a single recommendation for each application that includes credit, criminal and eviction checks without you having to worry about analytics or rely on guesswork
  • Running screenings and viewing our recommendations can be done through most major property management systems

Complete confidence

You receive results designed to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other laws, while getting the entire picture only TransUnion can provide.

  • TransUnion uses information on an applicant's credit report to find reports others miss due to undisclosed addresses or aliases
  • 50 state criminal coverage, access to public records for eviction information, and TransUnion’s credit reports ensure you have the information you need to find the right residents
Product Highlights
  • Uses multi-family specific analytics and sophisticated matching data to help ensure that your prospects are ideal for your property

  • Integrates with your current property management system to streamline your workflow

  • Provides complete reports and support help you stay in compliance

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