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What if you could spot identity fraud BEFORE it happens, not AFTER a resident moves in?

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Avoid the frustration and financial burden of fraudulent residents

Get three layers of protection against identity fraud:

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  1. Identity Verification: Gauge a given identity’s risk with advanced analytics, compared to established fraud indicators
  2. Digital Verification: Evaluate the risk of the device used for an application to act with greater confidence
  3. Identity Authentication: Further evaluate applicant identities using text messages and targeted questions

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Configurable settings: Customize TransUnion ResidentID to better suit your market and tolerance for risk

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Flexible service levels: It’s your choice to verify; verify and authenticate; or verify, authenticate and use digital verification

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Simple integration and customization: Seamlessly add the security of identity verification into your existing workflow in a way that looks and feels like your brand

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Fraud mitigation: Reduce operational costs and comply with industry regulations

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Quick Facts

of property management companies have experienced fraud - in just the last 2 years*

experienced fraud up to 20 times — that's the vast majority*

identified fraud within the first 6 months, leading to turnovers well before a typical lease cycle*

*A commissioned study was conducted in August 2018 by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TransUnion.

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