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Synthetic Fraud Model

Protect your business and bottom line from fabricated or synthetic identities

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Examine identities and behavior to pinpoint fictitious customers

Today, fraudsters are creating identities comprised of fabricated data elements or a compilation of multiple real identity elements, with the intent to use the synthetic identity to open fraudulent accounts. In fact, it’s estimated that synthetic fraud now makes up 85% of all first-party fraud*. And while every business understands how important it is to detect new account fraud early, there’s also pressure to make fast decisions and increase approval rates, all while providing a seamless customer experience and remaining compliant.

TransUnion’s Synthetic Fraud Model is specifically built to analyze consumer behaviors by uncovering anomalies or suspect patterns in account openings, authorizations and associated trades – across all lines of business, including credit card, auto loans, personal loans and more. Our model helps detect this costly type of fraud before a fraudster “cashes out.”

*Synthetic Identity Fraud, ABC News 2015

Product Highlights
  • FCRA compliant – helps to withstand model governance reviews

  • Easily integrated into customer operations and workflows – delivered via batch or real-time

  • Incredibly low false/positive rates, minimizing the potential impact to any good applicants or back office review queues

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