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IDVision with iovation

Synthetic Fraud Model

Detect and eliminate synthetic identities.

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Synthetic Fraud Model features

Here’s what you can do with Synthetic Fraud Model

Trust individuals are reliably and accurately represented. Our purpose-built models analyze consumer behavior and uncover data input anomalies and risk throughout critical points in the customer journey and across all lines of business.

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Accurate and comprehensive data

Our model is built on a foundation of diverse data sources that include disputes and investigations, global credit, non-credit and device data.

Prescreening phase

Remove compromised or fabricated identities at prescreening and qualification phases before offers of credit are made.

Ensure compliance

FCRA and GLBA compliant to withstand model governance reviews.

Account opening phase

Detect synthetic identities at the point of origination before lending decisions are made.

Flexible data delivery

Integrate into existing workflows via batch processing, API integration or web application.

Monitor portfolios

Pinpoint synthetic identities already in your portfolio and reduce wasted collections efforts.

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