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TruIQ Innovation Lab

Engage in an immersive workshop with our data scientists to resolve your most pressing business needs.

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Together, your team and our experts will create a tailored plan which leverages critical data to tackle areas of opportunity.

Collaborate with data scientists boasting industry and technical expertise who can relate to your pressing issues.


Product Capabilities

Universe expansion

Use TransUnion expertise to discover and capitalize on new market opportunities.

Actionable acquisition solutions

Collaborate with our data scientists to develop high-performing models and lower your risk.

Build better fraud models

Develop sophisticated fraud models using explainable AI to improve customer experience and reduce losses.

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TransUnion completes over 3,000 analytics projects each year.1

4 countries

An industry first, TruIQ™ Innovation Lab is available in the US and UK, Canada and India.1

1. TransUnion’s Data Science and Analytics Metrics, August 2022

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