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How Communications Service Providers (CSPs) Can Remain Competitive by Augmenting Staff With Managed Services

In order to create innovative, end-to-end solutions that address consumer demands — and stay relevant in a competitive market — communications service providers (CSPs) must leverage many partners. The problem is they’re contending with manpower and material shortages, the prospect of spending billions of dollars on network upgrades, and other challenges — all at a time when the need for additional resources has never been greater.

TransUnion Senior Vice President of Carrier Provisioning John Denemark recently sat down with Barb Mitchell of JSA TV at International Telecoms Week (ITW) to discuss solutions that help automate the process of whole order management. Their conversation focused on Managed Services which enable CSPs to support legacy investments without having to maintain and train staff on outdated technologies.

With Managed Services, TransUnion experts can take on specific tasks — or oversee entire projects — and quickly scale if needed, working to meet needs as efficiently as possible. Benefits include:

  • Manage cost pressures
  • Access specialized resources
  • Optimize current investments
  • Create a flexible strategy for acquiring and retaining more customers

Watch the video to learn more.