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Identify and Authenticate Inbound Callers Before They Hear “Hello.”

Poor authentication causes major problems.

Do your contact center agents still interrogate callers before serving them? Once customers finish your "challenge questions," they might be frustrated — and may trust your brand less. Questioning every consumer also raises costs and fraud risk. Plus, fraudsters can easily buy answers on the dark web. But, TransUnion can help.

Powered by industry-leading technology, TruValidateInbound Authentication, with Neustar® identifies and authenticates callers before they hear “Hello.” That even goes for those calling from unrecognized numbers. Authenticated callers enjoy faster service, while suspicious callers receive closer scrutiny. The result? Up to $0.90 saved per agent call, greater IVR containment, reduced handle times and happier customers.

For over 20 years, the top 10 banks, top 10 credit card issuers, and hundreds of leading brands have relied on our flexible, easy-to-integrate solutions. TransUnion improves the consumer experience, security and efficiency of your contact center.

TransUnion enables trusted connections between brands and consumers at moments that matter most.

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