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Meeting the Call for STIR / SHAKEN Call Authentication

Are Robocalls Impacting Your Customers?

With robocalls still the number one consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the phone as the method of contact for 69% of fraud reported - more and more aggressive regulations are being put in place to protect consumers. Progress reports on actions underway by carriers are being demanded publicly.

The key to beating illegal robocalling is to stop spam callers from being able to spoof numbers that make it appear like the call is legitimate. Industry-developed STIR/SHAKEN authentication standards create a secure framework to guarantee that caller ID is accurate. When certified caller ID is in place, policies can be set to detect and stop or warn of scam calls before they reach consumers.

Learn how to quickly and easily adopt STIR/SHAKEN to help restore trust in calls with Neustar Certified Caller.

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