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Video: Promote your business while protecting your customers from fraud

Due to robocalls, call spoofing and increasing fraud, consumers aren’t picking up calls from unknown numbers. Yet, 87% of businesses surveyed believe the phone is the most important outbound contact channel and critical to a positive customer experience.

Fortunately, TransUnion Trusted Call Solutions (TCS) provide businesses a means to instill trust that it’s them calling, prompting more consumers to answer — all while protecting the business and customers from fraud.

Watch this short video to discover how Trusted Call Solutions can help your business reach more customers, enhance engagement and the customer experience, and keep your brand intact by:

  • Reducing spam mistagging and erroneous call blocking
  • Using branded calling to add your business name, number, logo and reason for the call so customers recognize who’s calling
  • Ensuring your outbound calls are verified with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication
  • Safeguarding your brand and helping reduce fraud by blocking spoofed calls