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Javelin: The Evolving State of Consumer Identity and Authentication

Consumer identities, the personally identifiable information (PII) of which they’re comprised, and consumer identification and access management (CIAM) solutions designed to authenticate those identities have continued to evolve.

Consumer identities are increasingly defined by digital data, including device-based, biometric and behavioral signals that can be difficult for criminals to subvert and powerful for businesses to employ in authentication and fraud detection platforms. But with limited fraud expertise and human capital to devote to model building, it’s likely small-to-medium organizations will need to rely on third-party CIAM solutions to leverage this valuable digital data.

Download our sponsored Javelin whitepaper to explore how unified, channel-agnostic and friction-right CIAM solutions can help organizations of all sizes better protect themselves and consumers from the scourge of identity fraud. Key insights include:

  • Identity has become progressively complex and is increasingly described by digitally measured and device-based parameters
  • Improvised, manual processes are inefficient at processing the wealth of digital signals relevant to CIAM efforts
  • A veritable digital arms race is underway between fraudsters and CIAM solutions
  • Effective CIAM and fraud detection platforms must be employable across business verticals
  • Fraud solutions should be channel-agnostic
  • Transparent data collection and step-up authentication protocols better allow businesses to establish a stronger security posture while providing a friction-right user experience

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