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Alternative Data, Financial Inclusion Take Center Stage at Briefing with Rep. Brad Schneider

Rep. Brad Schneider With TransUnion Executives

American consumers have a wide range of options when they shop for loans or other financial products. But for the millions of Americans with limited or non-existent credit history, many traditional options are simply out of reach.

That can affect the price consumers pay for homes, cars and everyday goods. Last week, TransUnion welcomed Congressman Brad Schneider (D-IL) for a discussion on TransUnion’s business and the work the company does to help consumers reach their financial goals.

The Congressman shared insights from his nearly three decades of business experience, while offering a glimpse of the key issues facing lawmakers in Washington. TransUnion leaders briefed the Congressman on the role data plays facilitating safe and available credit, and highlighted opportunities for public and private sector leaders to work together on behalf of consumers.

Participants discussed how alternative data like rental and utility payments can help consumers build a credit profile with everyday payments. TransUnion leaders also outlined the importance of data in fraud prevention, including the identity solutions TransUnion offers to help consumers and businesses transact with confidence.

TransUnion thanks Congressman Schneider for his time, his leadership and his thoughtful approach to legislating in a challenging environment. 

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