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Meet Our Partners: Q&A with Affinity Solutions

TruAudience® solutions enable the marketing ecosystem to leverage data and identity with trust. In this series, we will introduce the partners who are critical to our success.

Can you tell me more about Affinity Solutions and what your role is there?

Affinity Solutions is the leader in purchase-based insights and marketing solutions. We provide marketers a highly accurate view of consumer purchase behavior across brands and spend categories. Our core mission is to help businesses use our data to deepen their relationship with customers and drive sustainable growth.

As the Chief Revenue Officer at Affinity Solutions, I help ensure that our products and services are tuned to our clients’ needs in this rapidly changing marketing landscape — especially as they grapple with consumer privacy concerns.

What makes Affinity Solutions audiences unique?

Our audiences consist of consumers who have shown a propensity to buy from a particular brand or within a spend category. Segments are built using recent credit and debit card transaction history, which is highly predictive of future behavior.

Also, our partnerships with banks and financial institutions give us permission to create marketing audiences for conquesting of named competitors.

For example, we use card transaction history to identify shoppers of brand X. A model using brand X shoppers is created to score consumers on their probability of purchasing from brand X. Shoppers with high scores are added to a syndicated audience segment for brand X.

Where do you get the data to create your audiences?

We source our transaction data from more than 3,000 financial institutions that we partner with to power their card-linked engagement programs. We have access to 30 billion credit and debit card transactions which account for $1.7 trillion in consumer spend.

How are your audiences leveraged via the TruAudience® Data Marketplace?

All 900+ Syndicated Shopper Audiences are available on the TruAudience Data Marketplace and can be found using the search function or by speaking with your demand team representative.

What if a client wants a custom audience?

We can also build custom audiences in two weeks or less that include a unique combination of named brands or spend categories.

The process for requesting custom audiences is simple:

  1. Reach out to Jake Pratt ( with the request parameters
  2. Feasibility is determined within 24 – 48 hours and communicated with delivery date
  3. Once the custom audience is ready, it can be uploaded to the TruAudience Data Marketplace for easy use

What do you see as an emerging trend regarding CTV advertising?

As media buyers allocate more of their budgets to CTV, there will be increased pressure to justify that spend by measuring the ROI of those campaigns. They will need to be able to answer the question, “How big was the incremental sales lift of those campaigns versus a control?”

However, that can often be tough. Campaigns are frequently top of funnel or drive traffic offline, making attribution difficult. Affinity helps clients solve this problem by linking media impressions directly to card purchase data.

To learn more about Affinity Solutions go to:


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