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Meet Our Partners: Q&A with Anteriad

TruAudience® solutions enable the marketing ecosystem to leverage data and identity with trust. In this series, we will introduce the partners who are critical to our success.

Can you tell me more about your company and what your role is there?

Anteriad is a trusted provider of B2B identity and digital audiences for enterprise marketers, providing marketing solutions for blue-chip brands including IBM, Microsoft and Cisco. Marketers choose Anteriad for its full-funnel, account-based marketing (ABM) and demand generation platform, world-class data and analytics and omnichannel performance marketing capabilities. Anteriad’s B2B identity and digital audience solutions are an integral part of our offering.

As VP of Business Development at Anteriad, my role is to help buy-side customers achieve campaign success by ensuring our precision products are available throughout the programmatic ecosystem. Partnering with TransUnion is a major step towards helping B2B marketers optimize delivery on connected TV inventory.

What verticals and audiences do you specialize in? How are they leveraged via the TruAudience® Data Marketplace?

Anteriad partners with the world’s largest B2B marketers across a variety of verticals including electronics, fintech, health tech, IT, logistics and martech. To do that, we provide access to leading audience solutions, including the TruAudience Data Marketplace, to help B2B marketers reach more in-market prospects with relevant marketing. Anteriad targeting products are highly customized across ABM, B2B intent and key technographic and firmographic traits — and are built for precision at scale by keying off company location rather than domain. The TruAudience Data Marketplace is seamlessly integrated into this unique approach, extending B2B reach to connected homes and consumers across myriad devices.

What do you think is most important when it comes to data targeting on CTV?

CTV is a growth channel for B2B marketers, giving them the opportunity to reach audiences in a new environment. As a first mover in CTV for B2B marketers, Anteriad ensures success from the start. While customers might experiment with new creative, messaging and offers to make CTV campaigns successful, they need the same data and targeting capabilities from other digital channels, including scale and precision. Compared to other media formats, CTV inventory comes at a high cost. Marketers need audience segments to be available and efficient across the relatively limited number of CTV impressions out there to justify the high cost of the channel.

How are you measuring the omnichannel impact of your audiences? (If applicable)

Anteriad takes a layered approach to measurement. While there are always channel-specific KPIs to guide day-to-day decisions, it’s important for B2B marketers to understand the big picture. Not only are B2B marketers reaching prospects across channels, B2B marketing is a matrix of different prospects — all part of one account. We offer a B2B identity graph to support omnichannel, account-based measurement so our customers understand exactly how effective each element is when added together. By using key identifiers, our customers can create account-based, omnichannel reporting that helps drive strategic decisions about which channels to spend more on, or which audience segments to lean into.


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