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Meet Our Partners: Q&A with Datonics

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TruAudience® solutions enable the marketing ecosystem to leverage data and identity with trust. In this series, we will introduce the partners who are critical to our success.

Can you tell me more about Datonics and your role there?

Datonics is a pioneer in the ad tech space. We were among the first to integrate audience data into programmatic platforms, and have been committed to helping brands scale by reaching new audiences across emerging channels. Datonics offers world-class search, intent, life stage, behavioral, demographic, B2B, past purchase and visitor location (point-of-interest) data.

As Head of Operations, I’m responsible for system analysis, project management and product development at Datonics. My team and I are passionate about delivering high-quality data to our clients, enabling them to achieve the best possible results.

Can you tell me a little more about the Datonics Custom Segments offering?

The Datonics Custom Segments service enables advertisers to customize communications with their target audiences by applying branded messages to their search functions. This service seamlessly creates and delivers custom segments to the advertiser's buying platform, allowing it to reach exact audiences at scale. Custom datasets combine multiple targeting parameters, including over 6,000 highly-specific segments from our internal taxonomy, as well as unlimited keywords and search terms.

How do Datonics Custom Segments integrate with TruAudience Data Marketplace?

Datonics Custom Segments available through the TruAudience™ Data Marketplace offer businesses the ability to reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently. By analyzing the data associated with custom segments, businesses can gain valuable insights into their target audiences, which can be used to refine their marketing strategies. This includes adjusting various criteria, understanding which channels are most effective in reaching the target audience, and optimizing their campaigns accordingly. Overall, Datonics’ Custom Segments can help businesses make more informed decisions about their marketing efforts and drive better results.

Datonics onboards custom audiences the same way as pre-packaged segments. Custom Segments are available for the requested client only and not visible on the Data Marketplace for other clients.

What sets Datonics Custom Segments apart from other similar services?

Our Datonics Custom Segments service is not only accurate — but fast — with custom segments built and activated within 24 to 48 hours without additional fees, minimum spends or other obligations. All that’s required to get started are the campaign description (may also include the keyword list), geo targets, and campaign start and end dates. The services provided by the team include support from content analysis and data operation specialists.

How do Datonics Custom Segments work for connected TV (CTV) campaigns?

The Datonics Custom Segment service can enhance CTV advertising in multiple ways, including:

  • Creating custom audience segments based on specific criteria like demographics, interests and behaviors to deliver more targeted CTV advertising to viewers
  • Targeting specific geographies, such as zip codes, cities or states, with CTV advertising to reach audiences in particular regions with messaging tailored to their local interests and needs
  • Refining audience targeting by analyzing data from previous campaigns, identifying patterns and trends in viewer behavior, and adjusting targeting strategies accordingly
  • Retargeting viewers who have previously interacted with a brand or product, helping businesses re-engage interested viewers who haven't made a purchase yet

What are the impacts on measurement?

Overall, the Datonics Custom Segments service impacts measurement by improving accuracy, granularity, optimization and attribution. It allows businesses to create precise audience segments, identify engaged segments, optimize campaigns for better ROI, and track audience interactions at touchpoints along the customer journey.


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