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Meet Our Partners: Q&A with Gravy Analytics

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TruAudience® solutions enable the marketing ecosystem to leverage data and identity with trust. In this series, we will introduce the partners who are critical to our success.

Can you tell me more about Gravy Analytics and what your role is there?

At Gravy Analytics, we believe that where people go - and why - tells the story of our world. Gravy is the enterprise location technology company providing actionable intelligence to businesses. Our patented technology brings data about people, places, and events together to help marketers reach more engaged consumers and improve ROI for their advertising campaigns. Gravy Analytics offers thousands of ready-to-use, location-based advertising audiences through the TruAudience® Data Marketplace to connect businesses with high-intent consumers via mobile, desktop, Connected TV (CTV) and other digital advertising channels. As the Vice President of Product, I work closely with our partners to guide them to the right location intelligence solutions for their needs and I manage the development of new location-based audiences to help businesses reach the right consumers.

What verticals do Gravy Analytics Audiences specialize in? How are they leveraged via the TruAudience® Data Marketplace?

Gravy Analytics’ audiences power advertising campaigns for a wide range of verticals, from retail, to entertainment, to financial services and insurance — any vertical that relies on understanding the interests and affinities of consumers in the real world. We find that leading advertising agencies and top brands look for Gravy Analytics by name in the TruAudience Data Marketplace because they trust our advertising audiences to help them reach more engaged and in-market consumers and improve the performance of their ad campaigns.

What do you want media buyers to know about the data and methodology Gravy uses to build audiences?

Using Gravy’s patented AdmitOne™ technology and other proprietary data processing methods, our advertising audiences are built with the highest-quality location data in the industry. We also apply our own privacy-enhancing technology, PrivacyCheck, to ensure that data generated by consumer mobile devices while visiting sensitive locations is never used in our audiences. As a result, media buyers can trust Gravy’s audiences to serve ad impressions at scale, target with precision, and optimize campaign spend — all in a privacy-friendly manner. To learn more about Gravy’s proprietary processing methods, visit

What do you think is most important when it comes to data targeting on CTV?

The true power of CTV as an advertising channel today is somewhat untapped. Many marketers still target audiences on CTV based on the programs they watch or on the demographics of their household. It is important to look beyond these basic attributes to better understand viewers’ real-world interests so that you can deliver truly personalized programmatic advertising and ultimately improve the ROAS of your CTV campaigns. Targeting audiences built using location intelligence enables marketers to identify these interest-based audiences by their real-world activities and offline visits — the highest indicator of consumer intent.


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