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Meet Our Partners: Q&A with InMarket

TruAudience® solutions enable the marketing ecosystem to leverage data and identity with trust. In this series, we will introduce the partners who are critical to our success.

Can you tell me about InMarket and your role there?

With 12 years of experience in the digital marketing landscape, InMarket is a leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time activation. We enable today’s leading brands to learn, build and measure omnichannel marketing strategies to make smarter business decisions and maximize ROAS.

We’ve received a number of industry awards and recognition recently, including:

  • 2022 Best Use of Data - Digiday Media Buying and Planning Awards
  • 2021 Deloitte North America Technology Fast 500 - Ranked 280 out of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies
  • 2021 Best Location-Based Marketing Platform - MarTech Breakthrough Award

At InMarket, my responsibilities as the Vice President of Platforms and Publishers include leading our partner growth strategy and roadmap execution across our core business lines of Audiences, Analytics, Activation and Attribution.

What audiences does InMarket offer?

One of the most crucial steps to targeted marketing is selecting the right audience. At InMarket, we strive to streamline this process by creating a unique and broad set of syndicated audience segments — designed to ensure marketers reach their ideal target every time. Our out-of-the-box audience solution makes it easy for customers to select the audiences and personas they need, connecting directly with the DSP or programmatic platform of choice.

Some examples of InMarket’s out-of-the-box audience solutions include:

  • Certified Location Audiences
  • Visitation Audiences
  • Demographic Audiences
  • Past-Purchase Audiences
  • Purchase Intent Audiences
  • Online Shopping Audiences
  • Predictive, Proprietary GeoType Audiences
  • Seasonal Audiences

At InMarket, we realize out-of-the-box audiences do not service all and customization is crucial. Through our partnership with TransUnion and the TruAudience® Data Marketplace, customers can request bespoke audiences designed to perfectly fit targeting needs. To put custom audience building directly in the hands of the customer, we also offer an Audience Generator tool that enables customers to quickly build customized audience segments. With Audience Generator it’s easy to mix and match InMarket’s unique and verified SDK data that powers our purchase, intent and location-based audience segments. Our automation tool enables seamless and timely data refreshes to ensure our customers always have the latest and greatest data from InMarket available to them in the TruAudience Data Marketplace.

InMarket Audiences are available today in the TruAudience Data Marketplace for immediate activation across all the streaming media channels where you trust to run campaigns. This can be done self-service — with a click of a button — or with the help of your TruAudience Data Marketplace representative.

What verticals do InMarket audiences specialize in?

InMarket audience segments span the gamut of industry verticals, from retail (big box, convenience stores, discount stores, etc.) to CPG, auto, restaurants (dine in, fast food, QSR) and pharma. No matter the vertical, our InMarket audience segments are built and scaled using a unique combination of data and data science. And best of all, our audiences can be 100% customized to meet your specific business or campaign objective.

What trends are you seeing with the usage of first-party data on CTV?

The importance of making CTV part of an omnichannel media mix strategy has grown dramatically over the past two years. Home is increasingly where many of us work, play, learn and more. Marketers looking to engage users to build awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty need to target those users where they spend time and make true purchase decisions — across all screens.

One of the most exciting and powerful aspects of CTV is that TV is now essentially a digital medium. This means marketers no longer have to settle for content-based targeting strategies, which can be highly inefficient. Rather, brands can deploy a robust audience strategy with TV content. For example, brands can choose to reach only their own loyal customers, at-risk customers or best new prospects. Furthermore, InMarket’s Past Purchase Audiences provide brands reach to consumers who have purchased a product in a defined category at least once within the past 90 days. With any of these precision-targeted audiences, marketers can now leverage the same strategies they would use in digital marketing channels.

What do you think is most important when it comes to data targeting on CTV?

Today’s customer is omnipresent — they don’t spend all their time on a single device. They engage with multiple devices — sometimes even more than one at once — all day! Combined with changes in how they consume content and shop, it’s not surprising CTV is top of mind for most marketers. Driving efficiency and performance with a smart audience and targeting approach is critical to marketing success with CTV. Leveraging InMarket audiences through the TruAudience Data Marketplace enables marketers to extend reach beyond mobile and desktop, reaching digital audiences in a CTV world and ensuring a targeted, omnichannel approach that matches the customer. Target and engage consumers at a more personal and contextual level by tailoring video advertising content to who they are, where they go and what they buy.

In addition to InMarket Audiences, we’re also proud of our omnichannel attribution solution, Lift Conversion Index (LCI®). LCI is powered by permission-based SDK data and provides a holistic view of how media strategies drive in-store visits and sales. To maximize success of any marketing program, marketers must measure and optimize campaign performance. And LCI extends that capability to CTV. With LCI, marketers are given access to individual dimensions like audiences, creative and channel. With this understanding, marketers can use our real-time campaign optimization engine to make intracampaign adjustments and maximize ROAS. The recent addition of Sales Attribution to LCI is a testament to our commitment to offer holistic, 360º consumer intelligence and the ability to truly track from impression to visit — all the way to purchase!


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