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Meet Our Partners: Q&A with TrueData

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TruAudience® solutions enable the marketing ecosystem to leverage data and identity with trust. In this series, we will introduce the partners who are critical to our success.

Can you tell me more about TrueData and your role there?

TrueData is a leading independent data provider focused on building scalable, cookieless audiences from deterministic data sources. Our segments are easily customizable and can be activated across any digital medium. One of the reasons TrueData’s audiences perform so well is because of our privacy-centric approach to data collection. Vigorous vetting of data sources, along with consumer consent layers enable us to validate each user before being added to our segments.

I lead data strategy and oversee our data solutions team which partners with clients to develop unique data activation strategies to solve pain points associated with using data in a complex digital ecosystem. I love the creative problem solving that goes into my role. One thing I’ve discovered is each client has a specific challenge that can be solved with the right combination of data.

How Does TrueData work with TransUnion solutions?

TrueData’s pre-built audiences are available in the TruAudience® Data Marketplace. Customers of TransUnion can easily activate any segment within their digital media campaigns buying platform.

What verticals are TrueData audiences specialized for, and how are they leveraged via the TruAudience Data Marketplace?

TrueData audience buyers span many consumer verticals. Our app install category performs particularly well for retail, restaurants, DTC ecommerce, financial services and mobile gaming. Any advertiser who has an app (or competitors with an app) should be activating these segments. Transaction and purchase intent data also helps brick-and-mortar and ecommerce retailers, while our TV viewership data is specialized for the entertainment industry.

What are some meaningful experiences or lessons that have best prepared you for your role at TrueData?

One thing I’ve found particularly valuable within the data space is to always be listening: listening to clients, listening to the news, listening to societal trends. The data ecosystem continues to evolve so quickly, and human behavior has changed significantly over the last couple of years — whether due to a pandemic shifting buying patterns, changes in privacy sentiment or advancements in technology. My ability to recognize how these changes impact my clients enables me to be a better strategist and anticipate their needs more effectively.

How do TrueData’s audiences help media buyers?

TrueData’s audiences ensure media planners achieve their clients’ performance goals while reducing the need to leverage multiple audience providers, saving them time. Each TrueData audience segment is designed for omnichannel media activation, scaling across all digital mediums and ensuring advertisers deliver consistent messaging to their whole audience. Additionally, media planners no longer need to worry about cookie deprecation since TrueData’s audiences are cookieless and based on modern identification standards.

What sets the data fueling TrueData audiences apart from others?

Behind TrueData’s audiences sits a best-in-class, omnichannel identity graph which connects over 70% of the US population to their digital devices. Building high-fidelity datasets for the future is in TrueData’s DNA. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve always built segments differently from our competitors; using the most relevant identifiers, ensuring privacy compliance with regulations and not relying on cookies. Today, that foresight sets us apart, enabling us to deliver a set of true omnichannel audience segments.

What do you want media buyers to know about the data and methodology TrueData uses to build audiences?

TrueData's audience segments are sourced and validated against a proprietary network of publishers, best-in-class omnichannel identity graph, and layer of consent strings to ensure the most actionable, privacy-compliant segments. We create audiences using thousands of data attributes, including data on mobile app installs, mobile device characteristics, mobile demographics, purchases and purchase intent, and transactional data.


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