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Meet Our Partners: Q&A with Webbula

TruAudience® solutions enable the marketing ecosystem to leverage data and identity with trust. In this series, we will introduce the partners who are critical to our success.

Can you tell me more about Webbula and what your role is there?

Since 2009, Webbula has been dedicated to Truth in Data — which is at the heart of all we do. Today, as the undisputed industry leader in audience data solutions, Webbula’s offerings empower customers to improve ad relevance; create revenue streams based on self-identified cross-channel behaviors; and improve marketing campaign ROI. Third-party consumer intelligence organizations like Truthset ranked Webbula as a top performer in data accuracy. This accuracy is possible because our data is sourced from over 110 trusted sources, and processed through our proprietary, multi-hygiene tools for email verification, validation and more. This ensures the best mitigation of fraudulent and bot data. Plus, our data has the scale to meet even the most ambitious growth objectives.

As VP of Engineering at Webbula, it’s my job to ensure all our engineers make the best use of current technology, and battle test emerging technology to deliver high fidelity, accurate data to our customers. I work with our engineers to define standards and best practices in the realm of security, storage, analytics and coding. It’s important our applications are effective and work well together to leverage team efforts to expand functionality, reduce unnecessary redundancy, and increase security and availability across the board.

What verticals do Webbula audiences specialize in? How are they leveraged via the TruAudience® Data Marketplace?

Our top-rated audiences cover a vast array of verticals, including demographic, automotive, B2B, hobby, interest, lifestyle, mortgage and politics.

Our data can be used by marketers, advertisers and data teams for a variety of use cases, such as personalization, targeting, modeling, enrichment, measurements and analytics.

What trends are you seeing with first-party data usage in connected TV (CTV)?

We’ve identified three main trends. The first is an increase in the use of first-party data by necessity, and the reason for this is first-party data is becoming more than a nice-to- have due to the evolving MarTech environment.

The second is an increase in demand for stronger partners that can authenticate, verify and measure quality before an audience is put into use.

And the third is an increase in the use of third-party data as well. This trend seems correlated with the increased use of first-party data, and signals to us that first- and third-party data work better together than separately. Instead of an inverse relationship that may have been expected between the two, we’re actually seeing both parties work and lift together.

What sets the data fueling Webbula audiences apart from others?

Over the years, we’ve prioritized our transparency and authenticity of our audience data to exemplify Truth in Data. We pride ourselves on our commitment to data accuracy and opt in verification — which has allowed us to stand out from our competitors. An example of that transparency is our decision to open up our raw, multicultural data, providing an inside look into the quality of our data and efforts to protect our reputation and that of our clients.

In 2020, Webbula started a journey with the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), aiding in their mission to effectively measure data quality to help initiate better visibility into — and more successfully identify — multicultural segments.

Truthset, an organization with which we’ve established a long-term partnership, is focused exclusively on independently validating the accuracy and compliance of consumer data — and holds true to our belief of Truth in Data.

Webbula has been consistently ranked as a top data provider across multiple data segments quarter over quarter since 2020. The components that set Webbula apart are:

  • We stitch the data together at the individual level — not the household level, providing a more accurate picture of cross-channel consumer behavior
  • All our data is self-reported by the individual, ensuring data accuracy
  • All our data is purged of fraud, bots and other inaccurate details with the help of our multimethod enhancement solution, mitigating the risk of wrong and/or harmful information
  • Our data includes intelligence on over 83% of the US consumer market, offering our customers broader audience reach

How do Webbula audiences help media buyers?

A great example we like to use frequently is the probability of a sale at an Audi dealership. When a customer pulls into a car lot to do some shopping, the sales representatives already know, based on our data, the probability of that customer purchasing a new car. This helps brands make better prospecting decisions based on customer attributes, including gender, income, the car they’re currently driving, and more. In short, the deterministic data we put in the hands of our brand customers helps them better understand their buyers and is much easier to use in the tangible world.

What is a top use case for media buyers leveraging Webbula audiences?

Aside from our wide breadth of syndicated audiences available via the TruAudience Data Marketplace, Webbula offers a concierge service to assist with any initiatives clients may bring forth. Navigating a commoditized ecosystem can be daunting, but our immediate response time and suggested options to solve for those unique needs can alleviate that pressure. We’re leveraged as data experts within the industry, and our expertise can point buyers in the right direction. Contact for any requests!

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