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TransUnion and iHeartMedia Bring 360- Degree Marketing Attribution to Broadcast Radio

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In a groundbreaking move that underscores the evolving landscape of marketing attribution, iHeartMedia and TransUnion, have joined forces to usher in a new era of robust consumer analysis. Bringing together leaders in their respective industries, this collaboration introduces a pioneering approach to measurement integrating broadcast radio into end-to-end marketing attribution.  

TransUnion has taken a bold step by incorporating iHeartMedia's broadcast radio universe into its TruAudience® Analytics solution. This encompasses Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Marketing Attribution, creating a platform that bridges the gap between radio and other advertising channels. This landmark innovation holds the potential to transform how businesses perceive the influence of broadcast radio on consumer behavior.  

The essence of this partnership lies in the fusion of iHeartMedia's extensive radio engagement data with TransUnion’s customer-level marketing attribution models. By leveraging the power of advanced identity resolution and machine learning capabilities, TransUnion empowers advertisers to decipher the impact of broadcast radio alongside other media channels. This holistic insight enables brands to optimize marketing strategies with unprecedented precision.  

In the words of Brian Kaminsky, Chief Data Officer and President of Revenue Strategies, iHeartMedia, “The scale and effectiveness of broadcast radio is undeniable. Now, with TransUnion, we’re able to offer brands a new level of granular, user-level consumer analysis to ensure all media channels, - including broadcast radio - are used to optimize their marketing plans and drive the results they’re seeking.”  

Through this collaboration, advertisers are poised to gain a more robust view of consumer behavior across multiple touchpoints, enabling them to holistically refine their marketing endeavors, while marketers will achieve more visibility into how their broadcast radio investments are impacting the customer journey. 

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