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TruAudience Analytics Solutions

Continuously measure and improve your marketing and media returns on investment. 

with Neustar®

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Optimize your end-to-end marketing investment and advertising strategy

TruAudience™ Analytics Solutions

Connect market and consumer-level analytics to know how to invest your marketing dollars and improve marketing ROI.


Deliver a 130% increase in return on ad spend¹


10X return on your investment in our solution¹


Increase incremental revenue by 30% or more¹

¹A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, The Total Economic Impact of Neustar Unified Analytics

TruAudience Marketing Solutions

Clean and enrich your data

Improve and augment your customer and prospect data.

Build high value audiences

Create and segment high quality customer and prospect audiences.

Activate omnichannel campaigns

Syndicate audiences at scale across all marketing channels.

Enhance data privacy and collaboration

Leverage data collaboration with greater security for privacy-first marketing and analytics. 

Acquire more customers

Improve campaign performance with credit-informed data and targeting solutions.

Transform your approach to marketing analytics and attribution