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TransUnion Hosts Experts to Celebrate Data Privacy Week

Screenshot of Data Privacy Experts and TU Staff

As a global information and insights company, data privacy is central to the work we do at TransUnion. But as technology and the data privacy landscapes continue to evolve, businesses and solutions need to evolve as well.

To highlight that work, and in celebration of Data Privacy Week (January 21-27), TransUnion hosted two expert panels to share their insights.

TU Chief Privacy Officer Shoshana Gillers spearheaded the hallmark event for the week, leading a panel discussion with MIT Assistant Professor Dylan Hadfield-Mennell and Scott Kosnoff, Co-Chair of the AI Algorithmic Decision-Making Team at Fagre Drinker. The discussion centered on the rise of AI and large language models, as well as the potential impact of emerging AI laws and regulation. TU President & CEO Chris Cartwright kicked off the event with comments to reinforce the company’s commitment to strong privacy standards.

The panel emphasized the importance of good AI governance, with broad recognition that AI models present both opportunities and unique risks for enterprises as technology continues to mature and evolve. 

Screenshot of Policy with Purpose speakers

In a separate event, TU’s Head of US Government Relations, Allison Shuster, hosted two Congressional experts for a conversation on privacy policy. Jeff Carroll, Partner at Capitol Counsel, and Howard Waltzman, Partner at Mayer Brown, provided insights on how Congress can work with the private sector to better protect sensitive consumer information. They also discussed privacy-related efforts in Congress, including the potential for comprehensive data privacy legislation in the years ahead. 

Data Privacy Week serves as a reminder of our critical role as responsible stewards of personal information and our commitment to enable trust between consumers and organizations. TransUnion is proud to celebrate Data Privacy Week and help keep data privacy at the center of the conversation. 

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