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Weltman Leverages TruContact Trusted Call Solutions to Help Consumers Resolve Debt While Improving Efficiencies

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Lift in promise-to-pay-rate with 180 less dials per PTP.


Lift in answer rates with eight less dials per answer.


Lift in right-party contact rate with 63 less dials per RPC.


With an increased number of calls being mistagged as spam or blocked, and the implementation of Regulation F, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA, (Weltman) saw a significant reduction in its ability to reach consumers via phone. The issue was many of the thousands of outbound monthly calls Weltman’s contact centers make were being wrongly marked as spam, blocked or unrecognized by consumers. Knowing most people want to resolve outstanding debt issues, Weltman began searching for a solution to reach more consumers with less dials. 


Weltman began a three-month pilot program using TransUnion TruContact™ Caller Name Optimization and Branded Call Display to measure lift in engagement rate. The firm compared a predefined control group with a test population of inventory from numerous clients.    


By using Caller Name Optimization and Branded Call Display, Weltman experienced staggering lifts in answer rates, right-party contacts and promise-to-pay rates while reducing the number of outbound dials. It thereby increased efficiencies as evidenced by:

  • 123% lift in promise-to-pay-rate (with 180 less dials per PTP)
  • 40% lift in answer rates
  • 115% lift in right-party contact rate 

“The decision to adopt Caller Name Optimization and Branded Call Display couldn’t have been easier after our incredibly successful pilot. Not only did we drive up performance metrics on every front, we did it with less effort. During our pilot, the overall lift in answer, right-party contact and promise to pay rates was enhanced significantly.”

David B. Tommer, National Director of Collections, Weltman

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