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Three Identity Fraud Trends Impacting Government Agencies

Agencies face challenges to build better constituent experiences due to the widespread availability of stolen identity information. Our new guide highlights recent data breach and identity scam trends that have provided criminals more opportunities to defraud programs.

It also reveals what’s needed to adopt an omnichannel, multilayered approach to help you better detect and mitigate persistent fraud threats. Discover proper safeguards for verifying identities and authenticating users in every channel to combat risk that can deeply and disparately impact constituents and erode program integrity.

Explore our guide now to understand the scope of identity fraud risk and gain insight into strategies agencies can implement to mitigate it. You’ll learn how to:

  • Instill trust with new users and align online account authentication with constituent preferences
  • Improve fraud detection while reducing false positives by taking an omnichannel approach to identity verification
  • Apply advanced analytics to detect synthetic identities and accounts

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