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TransUnion Customer/Partner Portal Privacy Notice

Effective Date: 09/08/2021
Last Updated: 09/08/2021

This Privacy Notice describes the personal information Trans Union LLC (“TransUnion”, “we”, “our”, or “us”), including its subsidiaries and affiliates, collects when you use our customer portal (the “Portal”), how we use this information, with whom we share it, and the choices you have in connection with this.

The Portal is a portal through which we assess the credentials of our prospective business clients to assess whether or not to engage with them as clients for our services. This involves vetting a large amount of information, mostly pertaining to the relevant business entity, and any financial and reputational risk that may be associated with it. This notice will not describe this information and will only address our use of personal information, which is information that identifies directly or indirectly any individuals involved in this process. 

For TransUnion’s privacy practices with respect to its website please view the Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Use

When you use the Portal, we collect personal information about you directly, from third parties, and automatically as outlined below. All personal information collected and used is used in connection with your role as an owner, employee or representative of our prospective client.

Information we receive from your employer/our client:

  • To conduct the eligibility assessment of the prospective client: We receive, from our prospective client, identifiers (eg name, date of birth, Social Security Number), home address and workplace address) with respect to owners and certain officers of the prospective client.
  • To conduct site visits: We receive, from our prospective client, identifiers (eg name, work email address and workplace address) of the individuals who will serve as onsite contacts for the site visits.
  • Create and maintain an account: We receive from our prospective client the identifiers (name, work email and workplace address) of individuals who will be authorized users of the Portal. Once the account is created, we will also store the selected account password in an encrypted manner. We use this personal information to create the client’s account, and facilitate access to and use of the Portal.

Information we collect from you:

When you send us a question or inquiry, or ask for other support, you will need to provide us with identifiers (name and work email address). We use this personal information to respond to your questions or inquiries, troubleshoot where necessary, and address any issues you have with the Portal

Information we collect automatically

In the landing page of the Portal (before the log in to the Portal): we use strictly necessary, functional, and analytics cookies and similar technologies to automatically collect internet and other electronic network activity information from you. Our collection and use of this information is governed by TransUnion’s Privacy Policy.

After you log into the Portal: we use strictly necessary, functional, and analytics cookies and similar technologies to automatically collect internet and other electronic network activity information from you to collect:

  • Usage information. This includes information such as: your time of visit to the Portal, pages visited, search terms, actions taken, how much time you spend on each page, use of widgets (eg. providing a truncated view of “my order”) or customer objects throughout the Portal and frequency of access. We use this personal information to: (i) conduct analytics; (ii) enhance user experience; (iii) prevent fraudulent use of the Portal; and (iv) diagnose and repair errors.
  • Error information. In the event of technical errors with the Portal, we collect information in connection with an error message including filename, error line number, and any related error message generated by the component that failed.

Device information: We use strictly necessary, functional, and analytics cookies to collect certain information about the device you use to access our Portal, such as browser type, browser language, hardware model, operating system, and your preferences. We use this personal information to: (i) conduct analytics; (ii) enhance user experience; (iii) prevent fraudulent use of the Portal; (iv) diagnose and repair errors; (v) remember your preferences; and (vi) provide enhanced functionality.

Sharing of the Information

With Service Providers: We share the personal information collected with certain service providers for the purpose of: the secure transfer of social security numbers; certain aspects of the credentialling process and the conduct of site visits. We do not use or share this information for marketing purposes.

With other third parties. We will disclose your personal information to legal advisors, law enforcement agencies and/or governmental/regulatory bodies (including public health authorities) if and to the extent we need to do so to defend against legal claims or as required to by law.

In the event of a corporate reorganization. In the event that we enter into, or intend to enter into, a transaction that alters the structure of our business, such as a reorganization, merger, acquisition, sale, joint venture, assignment, consolidation, transfer, change of control, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets or stock, any personal information contained in the Portal would be shared with the buyer or target (and their agents and advisors) for the purpose of facilitating and completing the transaction and providing the Portal going forward. We would also share personal information with third parties if we undergo bankruptcy or liquidation, in the course of such proceedings.

With your consent. Apart from the reasons identified above, we may request your permission to share your personal information for a specific purpose. We will notify you and request consent before you provide the personal information or before the personal information you have already provided is shared for such purpose. You may revoke your consent at any time.

Deidentified Information: We may deidentify personal information collected and use it for the improvement of our products. We may share such deidentified information with third parties for use by such third parties. All such third parties will be required to adopt policies and procedures to prevent the re-identification of such information.

Your Information Choices

Access or Correct Your Personal Information. To correct your user information in the Portal account please contact us at [email protected]  or, when available, make the request in the Portal.

Do Not Track

We do not support Do Not Track (DNT). Do Not Track is a preference you can set in your web browser to information websites that you do not want to be tracked.

Information Security

We implement and maintain reasonable security measures, including access controls and encryption, to protect the information we collect and maintain. However, no security measure or modality of data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure and we are unable to guarantee the absolute security of the personal information we have collected from you.

When handling Social Security Numbers we: (1) protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers, (2) prohibit their unlawful disclosure and (3) limit access to them only to the individuals for whom access is required for the performance of their job duties and the purpose for which the Social Security numbers were collected.

Children's Privacy

The Services are not intended for individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years. If we learn that we have collected or received personal information from individuals under the age of eighteen (18), we will delete the personal information. If you believe we have personal information on individuals under the age of eighteen (18), please contact us at the contact information provided below.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is subject to change. Changes to the Privacy Notice will be posted on this page and we will indicate the date the changes go into effect. We encourage you to review this page frequently and review the Privacy Notice for any changes. If we make changes that materially affect your privacy rights, we will notify you by in-Portal notification.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns on this Privacy Notice, please contact us at [email protected].

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