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Branded Calling — the Next Generation

What you need to know to take advantage of this innovative technology 


First there was Caller ID. Then came branded calling. Now, branded calling leveraging rich call content is here.

This powerful solution enables you to authenticate your calls and add context (like name, logo and reason for the call) to the mobile display to help reassure customers your call is legitimate — so they pick up. In fact, they’re up to 105%¹ more likely to answer the call with branded calling.

Our eBook provides all you need to know about branded calling using rich call content, including a better understanding of:

  • How rich call content continues to evolve
  • What rich call content is and how it enables branded calling
  • Steps businesses need to take to implement branded calling using rich call content
  • The importance of call authentication and branded calling

¹internal TransUnion data

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