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Find Your Best Customers With TruAudience AdAdvisor


Consumers expect more of marketers than ever before: more relevant messaging, more consistent experiences across devices, and more impactful brand interactions. To deliver on those lofty expectations, marketers must turn to data of the highest possible fidelity and widest possible reach.

TruAudience® AdAdvisor combines TransUnion’s robust consumer data with verified offline signals from trusted sources, helping marketers deliver relevant messages where they’re most likely to resonate — whether that’s on a TV screen, mobile device or anywhere in between.

Download the TruAudience AdAdvisor Brochure to explore:

  • How TruAudience AdAdvisor audiences can help you reach 220M US adults in more than 129M households
  • Key audiences across eight major audience groups, including automotive, demographics, propensity and interest, and more
  • How to access TruAudience AdAdvisor audiences via the TruAudience Data Marketplace and other leading platforms across the marketing ecosystem

To learn more about how you can leverage TruAudience AdAdvisor audiences to power your media campaigns, reach out to us at

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