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Reaching Customers by Phone Feel Like a Fairy Tale?

Why consumers don’t answer and what you can do about it

Once upon a time, consumers weren’t afraid to answer the phone. But today’s consumers are hesitant to answer due to robocalls, scams and call spoofing. In 2021, 70 million Americans lost approximately $40 billion to a variety of phone scams with a median loss of $1,400 per person. This distrust has caused enterprise call answer rates to plummet.

To better understand consumers’ feelings and behaviors regarding receiving calls and texts, TransUnion conducted a study of 1,517 US consumers aged 18 and over. Our new eBook details this valuable consumer contact research, and provides a better understanding of:


  • Why consumers aren’t answering calls
  • Ways enterprises can protect consumers from phone scams
  • How enterprises are benefiting from branded calling 

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