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The Future of Acquisition Marketing Playbook

The world of marketing has been significantly shaken up. For already regulated industries like financial services, insurance and telecommunications, marketers must adapt to massive changes and challenge the status quo of acquisition to meet their goals. This starts by better understanding your customer journey and experience, detailing your current ROI and marketing objectives, and then aligning strategy and investment appropriately.

With new and emerging marketing and credit data, platforms and tools, today’s leaders can step out of their comfort zones and address the challenges brought on by the economy, data deprecation and regulatory compliance head on.

We recently took a close look at their marketing initiatives and found what they had in common was a well-balanced data strategy centered on the customer and active across the entire marketing funnel — top to bottom. The results were inspiring.

This playbook addresses:

  •  Steps to take as you redefine acquisition marketing in your organization
  •  Three myths — which we bust — around current marketing and acquisition perceptions
  •  Data-driven strategies to incorporate credit and non-credit marketing data across the full marketing funnel
  •  The outcomes experienced by optimizing acquisition approaches 

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