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Busting One of the Biggest Myths in Acquisition Marketing

Snipped from Future of Acquisition infographic.

MYTH: Customer acquisition is strictly a lower funnel activity.

Acquiring new customers is crucial for every business. However, many organizations operate in silos with business line managers or sales teams primarily responsible for driving the final customer conversion, such as getting those targeted to complete a new application for a credit card, insurance policy or phone plan. 

Download the infographic "Future of acquisition marketing: Busting One of the Biggest Myths in Acquisition Marketing" to learn why:

  • Customer acquisition is as much about brand marketing as it is about performance-based marketing
  • Building brand or product awareness with upper-funnel tactics helps maximize marketing efforts
  • A precise data strategy is key to making a well-balanced channel mix work

Interested in finding out more? You can download The Future of Acquisition Marketing Playbook—Debunking the Myths of Customer Acquisition for the full report.

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