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Why Marketers Can No Longer Ignore Data Governance

Navigate the new rules of consumer privacy and trust

With the rising importance of privacy, marketers need to be reliable, responsible data stewards that constantly earn consumer trust. That goes far beyond collecting and activating data. It requires a keen understanding of the data policies and processes of your enterprise as well as those of your partners and suppliers. In other words, you must grasp data governance.

Our latest guide, “The CMO’s Guide to Navigating Data Privacy and Governance,” provides an actionable overview of the ins and outs of data governance from the point-of-view of marketing leaders. It identifies the key issues you’ll need to be aware of to be both compliant and trustworthy.

Key parts of the guide include:

  • The ABCs of data governance: What it is, why it matters and why marketers need to care about it.
  • The key players: A roster of the roles and responsibilities of key data governance leaders across the enterprise.
  • Questions to ask: How to find out what you need to know about your organization’s data policies.

Master the new data rules. Download the guide.

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