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Online Sports Betting Study

Q1 2023

How does a volatile economy impact mobile sports betting?

How are US sports bettors responding to a challenging economy? And what does this mean for lifetime player value and responsible gaming? To get a clearer picture, TransUnion conducted a survey that revealed how consumers’ personal finances have impacted online sports betting spending.

Download our latest report to dive into relevant and timely topics, including:

  • How sports bettors are responding to inflation: Purchasing behaviors changed due to inflationary pressures. Of mobile sports bettors, 79% said they adjusted their purchasing behaviors due to inflation.
  • The financial health of high value players: 77% of those spending $500+ on online sports betting have a credit score of 721+, however 20% of those spending $1,000+ have a low income.
  • Generational insights into sports bettors: 52% of Millennials who engage with online sports betting have a high income but were cutting back on discretionary spending the most (34%) compared to just 17% of Gen Z sports bettors. 

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