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Best Practices for Business Emails

Even as email has become a key tool in organizatons’ communications arsenals, without fresh email lists — or the ability track if emails were blocked or flagged as spam — the channel holds little value.

We know consumers prefer email communications, and delivering tailored messages keeps them engaged, but how do businesses know when an email has actually reached the intended person?

This on-demand webinar — Hoping This Email Finds You: A Discussion of Successful Email Best Practices — features TransUnion Email Behavior Intelligence experts answering questions like:

  • Does this email address really belong to the recipient’s account?
  • Will this email make it to their inbox or end up blocked or in spam?
  • If they get this email, will they read it?
  • What do my KPIs really mean?

Tap into valuable insights and effective best practices to increase right-party contact rates, drive consumer engagement and protect them from robocalls and call spoofing, and reduce compliance and financial risks.

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