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Predicting Child Support Payment Delinquencies

Discover strategies for data-driven child support enforcement and risk intervention

Of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement’s (OCSE) reported $117.7 billion in child support arrears, approximately 70% of the outstanding debt was more than 10 years old in 2021. This pattern of sustained nonpayment among many delinquent parents highlights challenges facing case managers tasked to enforce court-ordered child support.

Our new TransUnion study — Predicting Child Support Payment Delinquencies — found 95% of parents with six consecutive months of missing child support payments will continue. The analysis also suggests predicting child support payment delinquency is possible, and identifies leading risk indicators.


Download your copy to learn why:

  • Child support enforcement agencies have a short window to effectively identify payment risk
  • A holistic approach combining traditional credit scores and trended credit data is more likely to elicit a reliable delinquency risk assessment
  • Recovering from a serious delinquency is rare, but many who do get accounts back to current tend to do so quickly

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