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Strategies for More Effective Child Support Operations 

Shifts in the market, economy, family arrangements and more have forced change on child support operations. The proportion of custodial parents intended to receive support — but receiving none — is steadily increasing. Family living arrangements and make-ups are also changing.

Your agency may be doing the best it can with the data and systems it has, but it needs to be more productive. Those agencies that don’t adapt and modernize operations to meet the needs of today’s families will struggle to get support to those who need it, lose opportunities to enforce orders, and negatively impact families and agency performance. 

Child support agencies that adapt may be poised to:

  • Prioritize efforts based on recoverability
  • Improve outcomes for children and families
  • Improve enforcement as defined by federal performance measures
  • Control arrears and retain more current enforcement
  • Salvage and expand relationships with non-custodial parents
  • Improve efficiency

Download TransUnion’s Playbook for Child Support Enforcement to learn enforcement tactics and solutions to drive better financial outcomes for families.

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