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Achieving Downturn Readiness in a Strained Credit Market

The unsecured personal loan (UPL) market has not been immune to fluctuating market conditions. Both balances and delinquencies have increased, and as inflation continues to impact consumer budgets, delinquencies in particular are likely to remain elevated.

Though these periods of prolonged ambiguity present certain challenges, financial institutions should be able to maintain growth and stability with the right strategies in place. Read our guide — Achieving Downturn Readiness in a Strained Credit Market — to learn how you can:

  • Identify which consumers are likely to default, and help prevent them from becoming delinquent
  • Effectively target and reach borrowers with tailored, timely offers
  • Ensure greater accuracy of your customer contact information and improve answer rates
  • Leverage data to assess your brand performance, to optimize spend and investment 
  • Employ the right marketing data and technology to maintain your brand presence and continue growth

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