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Rethinking the Government CX Journey

Each day, countless individuals encounter barriers in accessing essential government services due to the complexity of enrolling in programs. Nonetheless, it’s the government’s duty to guarantee fair and equitable services for everyone.

A recent survey helped identify challenges constituents face when enrolling in government benefit programs. In this report, the survey findings are discussed in depth, reviewing how government agencies can respond to better ensure friction-right and fair access to services by harmonizing the omnichannel experience for users who often switch between various channels when interacting with government services. 

Enhancing CX for equitable access to government services

The report explains several ways agencies can enhance government CX to help make services more accessible and less prone to fraud, including:

  • Using authoritative identity signals to assess risk and extend safer, easier digital experiences to legitimate constituents
  • Distinguishing digital interactions from risky ones by linking identities to devices, and recognizing context and behavior
  • Using phone and device data with additional trust signals to identify unknown callers quickly and uncover potential red flags
  • Displaying added context, blocking fraudulent calls and ensuring constituents calls have been verified

By implementing these strategies and creating unified, consistent omnichannel experiences, government agencies can foster trust, promote efficient operations and provide equitable access to critical services for all constituents.

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