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Federal Student Loan Payment Shock Study

After three years of payment relief, federal student loan payments will resume September 1 for more than 40 million US consumers. Between the possibility of maxed-out monthly budgets and the newly-added stress of inflation, this has many lenders concerned the payment shock for some consumers could lead to a rise in delinquencies.

Fortunately, lenders can prepare for the ending repayment hiatus by partaking in a custom consultative analysis* offered by TransUnion. Our team will partner with you to:

  • Assess your customers with federal student debt, including their current and historical loan payments
  • Determine whether payments were or are currently being made on federal student loans and/or other products
  • Calculate your customers’ demonstrated capacities to absorb the expected payment increase
  • Navigate an approach to resuming student loan payments based your specific portfolio insights


*Must be reporting to TransUnion to participate

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