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Using Alternative Data to Your Fullest Advantage

Communication service providers face numerous challenges: Increased fraud, high growth goals, higher loss rates, lower direct mail response rates and heightened consumer expectations. Incorporating different types of data — beyond just traditional data — into your strategies at each stage of the customer lifecycle helps you protect your organization while attracting and retaining good customers.

Download our insight guide which explores various business aspects you can enhance by using alternative data, including:

  • Marketing — Increase response rates and optimize spend by identifying consumers with a high likelihood of responding to your offers
  • Onboarding — The powerful combination of trended credit and alt data allows you to not only score more consumers but onboard with greater precision
  • Fraud — Reduce the impact, intrusiveness and costs of manual reviews, verify customer identities quickly and speed up approvals while thwarting fraudsters
  • Collections — Prioritize accounts by ability and willingness to pay

In today’s competitive market, gaining an edge is imperative — and every data point helps providers make smarter decisions.

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