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Episode 10: A Macroeconomist's View Of The Economy And Where It's Headed

To gain perspective on where our economy stands and where it’s headed, we’re delighted to welcome Ryan Boyle to this month’s podcast. A macroeconomist at Northern Trust — and TransUnion alumnus — Ryan brings deep knowledge and practical insight on multiple forces at play, giving us a better understanding of what’s actually happening and how.

In this episode, Josh and Craig ask Ryan about the current state of the US economy and how it fits within the global context. Ryan shares his perspectives on labor and employment trends, supply chain issues, inflation — and the implications for consumer lending. He adds context to today’s dynamics by looking back at how previous global events affected the US economy. He also shares his longer-term concerns for future economic impacts.

Plus, Josh tests Ryan’s memories of his days at University of Chicago with trivia questions about distinguished alumni, campus life and more.

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