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Custom Fraud Model Development

Rapidly generate bespoke fraud models.

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Custom Fraud Models features

Here’s what you can do with Custom Fraud Models.

Our platform leverages multiple databases containing highly predictive data assets and over 6,000 predictive variables. When combined with customer input data, these variables create powerful scoring and information solutions, enabling businesses to understand customers and transact with confidence.

Get TruValidate Custom Fraud Model

Rapidly develop custom models

Our platform generates tailored models and analytics for your business which can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

Adjust to evolving strategies

Refine your models to meet specific fraud challenges as your business needs shift.

Tap into countless variable options

Our automated statistical scores leverage big data and massive modeling variables, covering 99% of US adults and households and over 70 million businesses.

Improve customer experience

Provide a friction-right journey for good customers by reducing manual review queues and speeding up user access. Step up friction as needed.

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