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Affordably target consumers with the desired violation risk profile by customizing invitation-to-apply and prescreen campaigns through prospecting or suppression1.

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Prefill violation details into the insurance application for consumer verification — helping you provide a more accurate quote at initial rate call, improve conversion and streamline the customer experience.

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Optimize your spend and identify drivers with actionable convictions so you can affordably validate driving records and assess risk. Only order MVRs when there is chargeable activity present in court records.

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Receive all violation details to find convictions not on the MVR, such as those received outside the license state or associated with a prior driver’s license.

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Quickly and easily access state Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) through our national DMV connections. With a single call to TransUnion, combine state MVRs with DriverRisk court record violation data for maximum savings and violation insight.

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TransUnion’s enhanced court record violation data, and the capability to search for history by driver, license plate number and address, enables you to discover insightful driver traffic violation information when investigating claims or suspicious applications.

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TransUnion’s DriverRisk combines the power of court record violation data with nationwide state Motor Vehicle Reports, offering you a clearer view of a consumer’s driving record.

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