Use court record violation data to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and optimize Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) spend during underwriting and renewal.

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Leverage DriverRisk and court record data to validate driving records and assess risks

DriverRiskSM enables you to identify drivers with actionable violations, tickets and citations, for better risk segmentation. Auto carriers spend 60% of their underwriting expenses—about $1.2 billion annually—validating driving records with Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs), but much of this expense appears unnecessary. TransUnion DriverRisk helps you validate driving records and assess risk, so you only order MVRs when you really need them. This helps you quickly and efficiently optimize your MVR spend and find additional surcharge opportunities. You can also use DriverRisk to identify new prospects or suppress those who don’t meet your risk profile for marketing purposes.


Using court record violation data to target prospects who fit your risk profile, allows you to fine-tune your direct mail and digital marketing campaigns with segmented lists of prospects more likely to be receptive to your offers.

  • Increase conversion rates and lower acquisition costs
  • Market to those who meet your risk profiles
  • Segment consumers efficiently and cost-effectively

New Business

Flag drivers with actionable violations meeting your specific criteria, allowing you to order an MVR or DriverRisk Detail Report only when necessary.

  • Optimize costs and selectively order MVRs
  • Prefill insurance applications with driving violations
  • Decrease adverse selection and improve quote accuracy if you're using a predictor model or limiting MVR reviews


Review up to 100% of your renewal book and order a Motor Vehicle Records or DriverRisk Detail Report only when the policyholder has recent, actionable violations.

  • Optimize MVR expenditure while identifying driving-violation activity for renewal business
  • Increase surcharge opportunities for higher revenue and improved profitability
  • Identify the ideal re-underwriting frequency for your book
  • Optimize overall Motor Vehicle Records expenditure

  • Segment prospect lists using violation data

  • Define actionable violations, citations, and tickets used for Alert or Detail

  • Improve the carrier/agent workflow and customer experience

  • Customize the solution to align with your marketing, underwriting and/or rating plan objectives

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