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Life Insurance

Smarter decisions across the life insurance policy lifecycle

Improve life insurance profitability

Leverage new data to enhance pricing and segmentation

Smarter life insurance risk decisions with TrueRisk Life

Smarter life insurance risk decisions with TrueRisk Life

TrueRisk Life is a credit-based insurance score that is predictive of mortality and lapse for use across the life insurance policy lifecycle. Validated by RGA, TrueRisk Life consists of only credit-based data attributes and is provided as a score ranging from 1 to 100 (low risk to high risk).

Better predict policy risk

Identify insurance policies at risk of early termination. Use a score that’s predictive of mortality and lapse to improve pricing and underwriting decisions. Includes numeric score, reason codes, and a credit report.

Widely applicable score

Available nationwide, including U.S. Territories. Individuals between ages 19 to 100 with a sufficient credit history can be scored. Foreign nationals with credit histories can be scored as well.

Integrate to existing operations

Scores can be electronically ordered and received in real-time or batch. Manual orders may be made online where requests are entered and results viewed.

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