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Life Insurance

Smarter decisions across the life insurance policy lifecycle

Smarter life insurance risk decisions with TrueRisk Life

TrueRisk Life is a credit-based insurance score that is predictive of mortality and lapse for use across the life insurance policy lifecycle. Validated by RGA, TrueRisk Life consists of only credit-based data attributes and is provided as a score ranging from 1 to 100 (low risk to high risk).

Identify insurance policies at risk of early termination. Use a score that’s predictive of mortality and lapse to improve pricing and underwriting decisions. Includes numeric score, reason codes, and a credit report.

Available nationwide, including U.S. Territories. Individuals between ages 19 to 100 with a sufficient credit history can be scored. Foreign nationals with credit histories can be scored as well.

Scores can be electronically ordered and received in real-time or batch. Manual orders may be made online where requests are entered and results viewed.

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