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Grow your portfolio safely and make better decisions with more accurate risk scores

For over 25 years, FICO® has been the industry standard in assessing and educating consumer credit risk. FICO scores assist in identifying and separating reliable borrowers from those likely to become delinquent. The mortgage crisis and Great Recession significantly changed the credit profile of many consumers. Fewer credit accounts are being opened and consumers are seeking credit less often. The FICO Score 9 was developed in response to these dramatic changes in the financial landscape.

Leveraging FICO’s state-of-the-art analytic capabilities and predictive technologies and TransUnion’s rich repository of consumer credit information, the FICO Score 9 provides a more accurate assessment of a consumer’s future risk of severe delinquency. Improve the performance of your portfolio by ensuring you’re using the latest and most accurate credit score model.

FICO Score 9 for Collections

Backed by scientific research, FICO Score 9 provides improvements to help assess collection information. All paid collection agency accounts will be excluded from the score calculations and scores now differentiate between medical and non-medical collection agency accounts.

FICO Score 9 for Underserved Markets

Score 9 better supports your loan approval process by providing credit risk analysis on more consumer files. With enhanced capabilities to assess risk on consumers with limited credit history, Score 9 provides improved risk prediction on this growing percentage of the population.

Product Highlights
  • Best performing FICO score across all industries and value chain stages

  • Newer data set and more appropriate treatment of select populations

  • A more refined way to assess collection information to provide credit grantors greater precision

  • Enhanced thin file treatment providing more effective risk assessment of consumers with limited credit history

  • Easily and confidently bolster your compliance efforts with relevant U.S. regulations by using the most current, fully documented FICO score ever

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