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Prefill Vehicle

Reduce incomplete and abandoned insurance applications with TransUnion Prefill Vehicle

Access vehicle information right at the point of quote

When requesting a quote, consumers often can’t provide all the information required. This leads to incomplete or abandoned applications or manual work on your end, which can result in errors. With Prefill Vehicle, you simply enter minimal consumer information, such as a name and address, and TransUnion will return the related vehicle information—helping you provide more accurate quotes, improve hit rates and reduce costs. You may also supply a nine- or four-digit SSN, date of birth, vehicle make or model, previous addresses and/or co-policyholder for more improved results.

Product Highlights

Vehicle ID Number (VIN)


License plate type

Model year

Lien holder

Branded title

Registered state


Better hit rates, reduced costs and delivery on your existing connectivity to TransUnion


Prefill Vehicle Household

Receive all information for vehicles in a household.

Prefill Vehicle Household image describes the type of data that TransUnion can provide to insurance carriers.

Prefill Vehicle VIN

If you already know the year and make of the vehicle you’re going to insure, TransUnion provides information for that select vehicle.


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